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Paint Your Self-Love Portrait

Paint along with me, make discoveries in your journal and engage in ritual during this creative journey to open the heart. Whether or not you have any experience making art, this course is for you.

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The art of spirit

Art of Spirit: Creating With The Sacred Feminine

This workbook, which includes both video and audio, is designed to help you ignite your creative fire and find the sacred feminine within. You have the option of a beautiful flower essence elixir, or personalized coaching to deepen your journey.

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In-Person Events

Art + God

art & god

In March 2016, photographer Kopana Terry and I presented Cane Ridge to Cathedral Basilica, Art as Prayer: A Discussion Between Artists at ArtsPlace in Lexington as part of LexArts’ Showcase Weekend. Here’s a video of the talk:

I’ve developed multiple online curriculums, taught writing classes in a variety of settings,given talks on my painting process, the sacred feminine, and other subjects I write about here. If you’re looking for someone to lead your workshop or retreat, I look forward to hearing from you.

Paint and LoriLyn 2

My name is Lori-Lyn

and I believe you were born to create. I write and paint my prayers and share my work with you online and in-person. I travel, speak, and lead workshops about spirituality, the sacred feminine, and creativity. If you’re interested in planning a workshop or retreat with me, send me and email. I’d love to hear form you. If you’re wondering what other people have to say about working with me, you can find that here. If you’d like to know more about me and where I’m coming from, you can find that here.

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