the love list: weekly links 3.10.17

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where I share my favorite moments, pics, and reads from the week.

This week’s links include pieces on joy, belonging, and the work of women theologians, as well as my favorite wine bottle ever.

I’ve been busy this week, and my emotions and outlook have run the gamut from despair to fatigue to glimpses of bliss.

If it’s possible to feel discouraged and hopeful about the same thing, that’s where I am with care of the body.

I’m recording a lot in my prayer journal and my dream journal (same journal), though, and feeling insight hovering nearby.

And the Frida Kahlo Snapchat filter? Made my day.

the love list

The week’s links:

On Cultivating Joy as Purim Approaches

The Difference of Belonging

I’m All Done Explaining my Humanity

5 Things to Remember When you Feel Disgusted About How You Look

Lent As De-Centering

Doing Hard Things Scared

Ten Important Women Theologians You Should Be Reading

This is the Cutest Friar You Will Ever See.

I discovered the Missing Richard Simmons podcast this week and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

On Wednesday I got to co-lead my first Living Compass workshop. This one is on forgiveness and I felt the first session went really well.

And on Wednesday evening I helped guide the children at church through a session of prayer painting.

When I asked one sweet boy if he would tell me about his painting, he said, “This is my house and I put 40 stars in the sky, one for every day of Lent.”


Monday was Woody’s 12th birthday. We celebrated with a pumpkin cake, which he loved.


And new furniture ramps, which he did not.


Tracy needed a bottle of white wine for a dish he was making. He told me he chose it based on the label (I taught him everything he knows about choosing wine), and even though I don’t really drink white wine, I must say, this is my very favorite label of all time.


There’s a Full Moon on Sunday

It’s in Virgo – thie Virgin.

A sacred feminine full moon, if you will.

The Healing Chalice

Wide Awake on a Full Moon

And I’m thinking about hidden aspects of self-care, how we sometimes think we’re administering self-care when in fact we’re not.

I’m thinking about the heartbreak and sadness I feel about the state of our world and this country.

I’m thinking about everything that feels unwell in my body and my life right now and how I might take steps to bring it into wellness.

I’ll write more abou this, and the moon in the Sunday Love Letter (subscribe below) and as always, I invite you to join the conversation in Creating With the Sacred Feminine.

Have an illuminated weekend.