the love list: weekly links 3.3.17

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Last Sunday was Ava’s confirmation.

This was the second time I’ve served as one of the lay leaders for youth confirmation. To be a part of Ava’s confirmation – to be able to walk to and from class with her and talk about things and hear her thoughts and questions – was an honor.

My favorite picture (aside from the one I took in the undercroft of the girls eating donuts) from the day is the one where they are laughing in the church. It’s not just all solemnity and seriousness, you know.

There’s great joy in baptism and confirmation.


I was fortunate to attend and interfaith gathering at a local mosque on the same day. The event was part of the Unlearn Fear + Hate project. It was a deeply moving experience to listen to Christian, Jewish, and Muslim leaders speak and read poems and holy texts, and to pray with Muslim sisters and brothers in their holy space.

Unlearn Fear + Hate

At home this week, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday with Paczki and King Cake.

Mardi Gras

And now we have entered the season of Lent.

The idea behind traditional fasting is not to starve ourselves, but to intentionally limit our appetites for short periods of time in order to heighten our senses, which then opens us up to more fully experience God’s presence. the same is true when we choose to fast from noise for a limited period of time; we allow ourselves to listen to God in our new-found silence. – Living Well Through Lent

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I’m continuing to paint tea bags this week:

tea bag painting

I’m not eating sugar, I am moving my body around a bit more, and I’m reminding myself to stay rooted in each moment, breathing.

God’s language is silence so I’m listening.

Have a beautiful weekend,