the love list: weekly links 9.30.16

Welcome to the Love List, where I share my favorite links, pics, snaps, and moments from the week.

My week began with the most amazing, clarity-bringing, incredible life coaching session ever.

And this week has all about restoring balance.

I’m looking at where I belong and thinking about what I need.

You have more authority than you may imagine to turn the arc of your life toward the good. This is not wishful thinking, but an acknowledgment of the role your spirit plays in partnership with mind and body. Your spirit may seem less tangible, but it is no less real. Coping with life is not only how much you concentrate your mind or act with your physical ability, but how well you apply the gifts of your spirit. Discernment, vision, calming, intuition, generosity: name the gifts you have been given and you begin to reveal the sources of strength on which you can rely to create change. – Steven Charleston

the love list

We Need to Talk About High Functioning Depression gave me a completely new understanding.

How I Moved on From My What Not to Wear Style

An Interview With Karen Armstrong because she is so wise.

From a Church of “in-crowds” and comfort, deliver me, Lord

Yes, I’ve Gained Weight. Spot on.

Fit My Soul

I’d Rather be at Church

This describes my current situation.

On Tuesday I went to St. Michael’s to hear the music of Hildegard von Bingen. I sat with two friends and listened as Margaret Waddell, accompanied only by a singing bowl, chanted. It was sublime. She asked us, the audience, to hum a drone while she sang a chant dedicated to the sacred feminine. I felt like a bee inside a beehive inside the heart of the Blessed Mother. It was such an extraordinary feeling, I’m going to paint about it.

I hope you enjoyed National Coffee Day yesterday.

the love list

I’m sorry for all you summer lovers out there, but I couldn’t be happier with the cool temperatures and rain we’ve had here this week. When I can put my black tights and cardigans back on, I feel like an actual human being.

When the temperature drops to 70, I have hope.

Today is a new moon in Libra.

Let’s see what astrologers have to say about that:

Wise Skies Astrology

Chani Nicholas

Empower Astrology

The Power Path

Bring on the brand new pathways! Bring on the auspicious energies! I’m ready to experience life in a bigger way and if any lucky breaks come my way – I’m gonna grab them!

the love list

Wishing you a peaceful dreamy dark moon and a weekend filled with good vibes.