Lori-Lyn Hurley was born in Richmond, Kentucky. She is a graduate of Transylvania University and Sarah Lawrence College, where she earned a BA in studio art and an MFA in fiction writing. Her stories and poems have been anthologized, and she is a contributor to several online magazines. She is the creator of Write Your Passion, a 90 day program to help writers find authentic voice and dedicate to daily writing practice. Currently, Lori-Lyn is at work on a series of romantic short stories and a book about Mary Magdalene; she visits small groups to present her talk Untangling Mary Magdalene. She lives in Lexington, Kentucky, with a man and two pugs.

Wild Devotion

I'm a writer with a deep interest in spirituality and all the ways humans seek communion with God and one another. I drink giant cups of coffee, paint barefoot, and tell stories of wild devotion. Read the blog here»


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Write Your Passion

Write Your Passion is a 90-day self-expression workshop designed to help you get your words on the page, find your authentic voice, and tell your story. Writing is holy work and your story matters. Get it here.»
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