I’m Lori-Lyn.

I pray with paint.

I know that you are loved.

Paint and LoriLyn 2

I work with the sacred feminine to help you remember your true self and live the life you were meant to live.

You belong here.

You are seen, you are held, you are heard.

You have a voice, a creative spirit, a story that matters.

You have a heart as big as the world.

Ready to walk with me? Start Here.

“My session with Lori-Lyn was deeply reassuring and inspiring – a warm homecoming for my spirit! At the same time, our conversation was also quite practical and helpful, and I came away with some concrete practices and ideas for moving forwards. I loved it that while Lori-Lyn very skillfully weaved her own spot-on intuition and intelligence into the conversation, she also invited me to trust my intuition and spiritual power. She is wonderfully kind, easy to talk to, respectful, and truly gifted. I treasure our conversation and look forwards to the next one. I can’t recommend her work highly enough!”
Kate Chadbourne, www.katechadbourne.com

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Self-love isn’t as hard as it sounds. It’s the acceptance of that which flows for you all the time. Join me for Paint Your Self-Love Portrait: A Creative Journey to Open Your Heart and discover yourself on the canvas.
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Prayer paintings mark a moment in time, hold space for your emotions, and help you through transitions. Share your prayers with me and allow me to move through the sacred practice of painting with spirit on your behalf.
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I love to gather with you to make art and explore the sacred feminine and creativity. Let’s move together, share our stories, and begin to heal ancient wounds by seeing ourselves in the feminine face of God.
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I have a wild sacred heart

and so do you.

I live in Lexington, Kentucky, where I write romance, paint prayers, and teach spiritual creative practice.

Please enjoy this website with a big cup of coffee or glass of red wine (depending on the time of day.)

You may discover we love some of the same things.

Let’s get to know one another.

Welcome to my Studio

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