I’m a writer; spiritual explorer; lover of the gospels and the deep dark woods. I tell stories and assemble resources to help you explore your own spiritual life and ignite your creative energy. Currently, I’m writing a nonfiction book about Mary Magdalene, a novel about divine vision, and a collection of romantic short stories (because sexuality is sacred). I believe in the healing powers of champagne, chocolate, and coffee; the primal importance of art; and the strength of gentleness. 2015 is my year of wild devotion. What will happen if I begin and end each day with prayer and let the lantern of divine love light my every step? If I listen for the voice of God to bloom in my heart and see the face of God in everyone I meet? If I live my life open, vulnerable, messy, joyful, brave, in adoration? If live as exactly the person I am meant to be and treat myself like the wild and beautiful child of God that I am? That’s what I’m going to find out. You can find out, too. Start by signing up for my love letter. You’ll receive it twice a month, but only when I truly have something to share. Then, come on in to the blog, where I offer my theories and share my story.

Devotional Writing

Mornings With Mary is a collection of devotional writings born from my barefoot coffee meditations with the Divine Mother in my backyard garden. It's free. Learn more here.»

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Divine Renewal

Divine Renewal is a 40 day journey of becoming offered during Lent 2015. Practice Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina as you embrace the wisdom of the divine feminine and your own sacred nature. Enroll here.»
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