I can help you find your creative spiritual practice –

the everyday rituals that remind you of who and what you are.

Your heart is a temple.

Your heart is an art studio.

Your heart isyou.

Living and creating from your heart strengthens your connection to God, anchors you in times of chaos, brings peace in times of turmoil, and helps move you into joy.

When you express yourself from the heart, you live in your true spirit and radiate healing energy into the world.

When you remember that you are abundantly loved, you share that love with everyone you touch.

And that’s why we’re here.

“My session with Lori-Lyn was deeply reassuring and inspiring – a warm homecoming for my spirit! At the same time, our conversation was also quite practical and helpful, and I came away with some concrete practices and ideas for moving forwards. I loved it that while Lori-Lyn very skillfully weaved her own spot-on intuition and intelligence into the conversation, she also invited me to trust my intuition and spiritual power. She is wonderfully kind, easy to talk to, respectful, and truly gifted. I treasure our conversation and look forwards to the next one. I can’t recommend her work highly enough!”
Kate Chadbourne, www.katechadbourne.com

I’d love to work with you:


The Red Velvet series follows Julene, the owner of a successful bakery, and one of her favorite customers as their romance grows.
read here.


Are you ready to create? Join me for Paint Your Self-Love Portrait: A Creative Journey to Open Your Heart. Paint along with me, work in your journal, feel divine love moving through you, feel yourself as love.
enroll here.


The first group prayer painting, Liberation, was created on the Feast of Mary Magdalene, July 22, 2016.
learn more here.

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I have a creative heart

and so do you.

I live in Lexington, Kentucky, where I write romance, paint my prayers, and walk with you as you discover your creative spiritual practice.

I love coffee, feminist theology, blank canvas, and 97 other things.

I’m so glad you’re here.

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